Fans unite: Opera Box Score

Fans unite: Opera Box Score

Jenna Simeonov

As devoted as opera fans can be, the passion of a sports fan can be an impressive thing. And, as baffling as it may be for those of us deeply entrenched in band-geekdom, there are indeed opera fans who are also sports fans. Weird, right?

So, for those well-balanced fans of opera and sports, there’s Opera Box Score, the podcast that asks, “what if opera – its performances, personnel and programming – could be demystified, discussed and promoted in such a way as to become as much a part of the public consciousness as sports?”

Opera Box Score is hosted by George Cederquist, Chicago-based stage director, and Artistic Director of Chicago Fringe Opera; co-hosts include singers Tobias Wright, Giovanna Jacques, and Oliver Camacho (also the co-host of the OperaNow! Podcast).

You’ll hear a little bit of sports talk, and a lot of opera talk, and that familiar (and un-snobby!) format of sports commentary is totally refreshing.

Opera Box Score has just started its second season, and you can have a listen over on iTunes and Soundcloud, and stay in the loop by following them on Twitter.



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