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Chicago Fringe Opera

Chicago Fringe Opera

We transform traditional concepts of classical performance etiquette to bring a straightforward and authentic presence to the Chicago music scene.

We are new voices.

Chicago Fringe Opera is building a place for new performers, new music, and new productions. Over 400 years after opera’s birth, we want to change the way audiences interact with music and musicians. We want to create accessible, modern, riveting, and relevant productions. We want to build a community that is engaged and not just passive attendees.

We are new traditions.

Chicago Fringe Opera is setting captive audiences free. Our productions aren’t limited to traditional performance spaces. You no longer have a designated seat. In fact, you don’t have to sit at all. We know that people want to be able photograph and record what moves them. We encourage you to do so and then share that content with the world. Our company embraces and encourages how today’s audiences consume art.

We are new ideas.

Chicago Fringe Opera is ready to bring opera into the present. We believe in both magnificent music and fiscal responsibility. Local talent, intimate spaces, and imaginative productions that will resonate with audiences while allowing the company to operate at smaller costs.

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