There's a role for you in Schmopera: Act II!

There's a role for you in Schmopera: Act II!

Jenna Simeonov

Readers, we’ve got something that we’re pretty darned excited to tell you about.

We’ve just launched our brand new Patreon page! Patreon is a platform that allows creators to connect with the people who love their work, and achieve a sustainable support with those connections.

Schmopera has created a page on Patreon, with the goal of making our content creation a full-time gig. Over its nearly four-year lifespan, we’ve grown Schmopera from an on-the-side passion project into a recognizable brand with a reputation for producing smart, topical, and accessible content about opera.

Now, we’re at the point where we want to make Schmopera our primary focus. That means we’ll have the means to produce more great content on a daily basis, and cover a broader picture of opera across the world.

Readers, in order to take this next step, we need your help. We’ve never liked the idea of putting ads up on the site; they clutter up your reading experience, and they inhibit our ability to write unbiased material.

We’re confident that our work speaks for itself. Our amazing readership (meaning you lovely folks!) has grown organically over the years, with little paid marketing of our own.

That’s why it makes sense that the future of Schmopera isn’t in the hands of ads, but in you, our readers. Your small contributions, made via our Patreon page on a monthly basis, can help us continue to bring you the interviews, how-to pieces, and thought-provoking think pieces that you all love - and we can do more of it. With your help, we can leave a meaningful impression within the world of opera.

So, readers, head over to our Patreon page to see how you can be a part of Schmopera’s story. If you like what we’re about, be sure to tell your friends!

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