Newbies at the opera Photo by Malcolm Vella.

Newbies at the opera

Malcolm Vella

Being more of a rock/indie concert-goer, and the occasional Broadway musical, I had never been to a proper opera before. All I knew about opera was from Saturday morning cartoons - “Kill Da Wabbit” comes to mind. When the opportunity came up to see an opera (and a classic at that, The Marriage of Figaro), I couldn’t say no.

It was my first time at the COC and I was in awe. It was lovely to see people dressed up (I now wish I had worn a tie), and the anticipation in the air was electrifying - it could’ve been my own excitement being an opera virgin, I didn’t know what to expect.

Opera newbie Malcolm Vella with his Marriage of Figaro date, contributor Greg Finney.

We entered the theatre and got to our seats minutes before the curtain rose. The stage set was simple and yet magnificent with a full staircase as the main backdrop, and then the orchestra started and the singing began, WOW! The voices. I never thought operas could be so humorous and enjoyable, I always thought operas were serious and tragic with the cliché of a fat lady in a flowing floor-length gown and horned helmet - was I wrong!

The show was so enjoyable I didn’t see the time go by – and I was so happy to see the English surtitles way above, so that someone like me, not knowing much about the story, could follow.

Would I like to see another opera? Of course!

By the way, which opera has the fat lady in a horned helmet?



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