Michelle Telford

Michelle Telford

Michelle Telford is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She has over ten years of experience as a surtitle writer and operator with Saskatoon Opera, and a background in administration. Michelle started Custom Supertitles, which offers custom-designed surtitles for opera companies who want a fresh, relevant translation to offer their audiences. (“Libretti: fresh, not frozen.“)

“My approach to surtitles is to write them fresh and detailed to the director’s vision every time… but if a client wants a pre-written set because they like the vision and energy, I will provide it.

Do you want different fonts and fading? I can do that.

Do you hate having to track down the right set of slides for your production and spend time you don’t have editing them? I can do that.

Are you trying to set Carmen in 2078 with space cowboys, or Fidelio in Soviet Russia, and you can’t make the standard translation doesn’t jive with your vision? I can do that.”

Visit, or follow Michelle on Twitter at @customtitles.

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