Watch a George Crumb music video & meet the artists: Chordless launches new project

Watch a George Crumb music video & meet the artists: Chordless launches new project

Jenna Simeonov

When New York City-based soprano Sara LeMesh and San Francisco-based pianist Allegra Chapman work together, they’re known as Chordless, the piano-voice duo that’s dedicated to shining some spotlight on lesser known pieces of music. Via Zoom on May 29 at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT, Chordless is launching its biggest project to date: their first music video, set to “The Night in Silence Under Many a Star”, one of nine songs that make up George Crumb’s Apparition.

The video, created by independent filmmaker Joseph Dwyer and with sound engineering by Matt Carr, kicks off the event. After its premiere screening, there will be a moderated Q&A with LeMesh, Chapman, Dwyer and Carr, which will then get extended to audience questions.

It’s a unique event, covering a timely topic: creating classical music in a world flooded by digital media. Music videos for works like Apparition are comparably rare, and often a bit baffling even to fans of the music, and artists are making sense of their reasons for putting out digital content when, pre-pandemic, they had no real plans to do so.

But Chordless has created an intriguing piece of art with this Crumb video, and it’ll be a neat experience to view it, and then have an immediate face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) with the folks who made it.

You can catch a little snippet of the video below. To tune in for its full release, register for free right here.


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