Tosca & the NYCO Renaissance

Tosca & the NYCO Renaissance

Jenna Simeonov

The rebirth of New York City Opera seems to be upon us, at least for the moment.

New York City Opera Renaissance plans to take over City Opera, following its bankruptcy in 2013. Architect and music fan Gene Kaufman withdrew his bid for the company, and settlements with City Opera were aided by hedge fund manager Roy Niederhoffer and his organization, NYCO Renaissance Ltd.

NYCO Renaissance’s general director is Michael Capasso, who previously ran Dicapo Opera Theatre, a small New York-based company that has since “disbanded”, and which was sued in 2013 by the musicians’ unions for failure to pay their artists. Capasso is “thrilled” about leading the revived company, despite any questions of his ability to keep it financially afloat.

The City Opera orchestra is thrilled, too, as they’re set to play the company’s upcoming production of Tosca, happening January 20-24 at the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center. NYCO Renaissance hopes to use the name of New York City Opera for its future shows, and their choice to present Tosca is a nod to NYCO’s inaugural production in 1944.

As a neat bonus, they’re recreating the set and costume designs from the premiere performance of Tosca in 1900.

So, perhaps this is another swing in the ongoing pendulum that is the story of City Opera, and perhaps it’s swinging towards a solution. In the meantime, follow the box office links below for full details on Tosca, and to purchase tickets.

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