Tools: The Big Book of Variable Income

Tools: The Big Book of Variable Income

Jenna Simeonov

How’s it going, freelancers? All going according to plan? Said plan made well in advance? In case the answer is “no”, or even a hesitant “yes”, Rags to Reasonable has a new tool to help: The Big Book of Variable Income.

Freelancers are no strangers to questions about your next paycheque, but it doesn’t mean there’s no rhyme or reason to maintaining a budget that works for you. For R2R’s Chris Enns, the freelancer’s plight is real, but it’s no reason to stay disorganized about your money. “You can’t manage it like everyone else, but you CAN manage it, and when you do it will turn the stress of a dry month, into the sweet sweet calm of a freelancer who planned ahead.”

To get started on turning panic into “sweet sweet calm,” start with the Big Book.

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