The time I spilled some secrets into a microphone

The time I spilled some secrets into a microphone

Jenna Simeonov

Hi, everyone. Jenna here.

Tenors Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell have been friends of Schmopera’s since its inception. They were the subjects of one of my first video interviews back in 2013; since then, I’ve properly interviewed Chris, and Isaiah has written some brilliant contributions of his own.

So, it was super exciting to be invited as a guest on episode 44 of Overthought, A Podcast, hosted by Chris and Isaiah.

The episode is all about being diplomatic and making “safe choices” within operatic circles - something that rings particularly true for me, a pianist and voice coach who started writing about the industry. For the first time, I talk about how scary it was to start Schmopera, and how I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be quietly excluded from getting gigs as a pianist and répétiteur.

Diplomacy, indeed. How do I get away with writing about opera from within it, when I know the cast and creative team? How do I publish fair reviews? How do I address problems in different organizations, and decide whether or not to name names? Why do some in the opera industry resort to anonymity in order to say what they feel is true?

All these questions, plus a few more Schmopera secrets, are in episode 44, “Diplomacy, or The Safe Choice,” available right here.

If you’ve not yet done it, subscribe to Overthought, a Podcast via iTunes or RSS feed, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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