The Opera Workout

The Opera Workout

Jenna Simeonov
Since we’re amongst operaphiles, it’s safe to admit that we listen to opera on and off the job. Daily commutes, housecleaning, cooking; they’re all better with opera as a soundtrack. So, who here has listened to opera while working out? Hi, nice to meet you. Opera and classical music are tricky waters for navigation when it comes to designing a cardio-friendly playlist (all those surprise fermatas tend to throw off one’s pace), but it’s worth the search, because jogging to Rossini kind of feels like there’s a whole orchestra challenging you to a friendly race. Including Rossini, of course, I’ve managed to gather a few examples of what your opera-tastic workout could look like. Operaphilic cardio junkies, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.

I like to start off with something super famous, guaranteed to get you into your own little musical fantasy world where you can hopefully ignore the fact that you’re working out:

Next up, get determined with Diana:

Stay happy and motivated with a short thought of booze (the reward system works well, I find):

Now we get into some stamina training; if Beverly can do this, you can turn up your incline a bit.

By this time, I could usually use a fresh burst of inspiration. Here are some Valkyries to help you out. You have a new mantra, and it is “Ho-jo-to-ho!!

We’re getting to the home stretch; time for some unforgiving, unrelenting shrieking to spur you on.

And now let’s race to the finish (joyfully, of course) and bring ‘er home with some more Rossini, the guy who’s always guaranteed to raise your heart rate.

Whew. Anyone tired? Anyone think my workout playlist is missing something? Let us know in the comments below!

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