Shower thoughts: Billy Budd in space

Shower thoughts: Billy Budd in space

Jenna Simeonov

Is it just me, or would Billy Budd not amazing as sci-fi concept production, set on a spaceship?

Picture it: a crew of colourful, possibly alien characters fill The Indomitable, coming from all walks of the universe; the imposing, intimidating John Claggart (possibly hooded in some sci-fi villain way), wields his head of security powers with vengeful abandon.

There’s actually something beautiful about the picture of Billy singing his stunning aria, “Look, through the port”, with the stars and planets slowly circling in the window behind him.

Best of all, the story would come from Captain Vere’s logs, which makes me imagine Patrick Stewart singing like Peter Pears.

Sure, all the aquatic references in the text and music would be a little out of place; but man, the combination of Billy Budd, an under-performed opera, plus the possibilities of video projections, is kind of exciting. It may have already happened in Germany somewhere, and if it has, I hope they have an archive recording.

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