Science and Simon Boccanegra

Science and Simon Boccanegra

Jenna Simeonov

I love opera, and so does Stephen Fry. I’ve written about this gem before, but it’s worth revisiting. Stephen Fry did a special with the Royal Opera House, called The Science of Opera, where he went to see Simon Boccanegra with British comedian Alan Davies. A team of scientists were on hand to measure their emotional experience throughout the opera. They measured their heart rates and how much they sweat; they even asked Stephen and Alan to press buttons when they were feeling an emotionally climactic moment in the opera. Stephen is a seasoned opera lover, but Alan was a first-timer; it’s really fascinating to see what’s in common between their experiences of the same thing. There are even appearances by Antonio Pappano and the fab Joyce DiDonato. Great watching for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!



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