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Tongue In Cheek Productions

Tongue In Cheek Productions

There are a multitude of passionate, deep, and committed performing artists in our city. From all walks of life, from incredibly diverse backgrounds, they choose to undertake a specialized profession with limited prospects in order to express real, tangible things that are common to us all. And most of it in a highly crystallized genre of art: classical music. We choose to honour their effort while simultaneously honouring our shared humanity through the refined nature of this music. To what end?

No end, friends. Our cause is to un-cause; To separate the music that we love from the more restrictive aspects of its presentation. We have no purpose other than to enjoy ourselves, and share that enjoyment with all who join us. With us you will find no hand-in-lap, utterly silent recital atmosphere. No literal (or metaphorical) tuxedos. No formality beyond the respect that is due to each and every human being in the room, be they artist or audience, crew or admin, adult or child.

Mark Twain said it’s the test of good religion whether or not you can joke about it. We feel the same about this art form. There will be jokes. There will be irreverence. There will be self-deprecation and good-natured mockery. And thus plenty of room for love.

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