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​As we charge ahead with 2016, LoftOpera’s biggest and best season yet, we want to let you in on why we do it. Here’s the short answer: For the love of opera.

​And here’s the long one: We want to scrap the way opera is produced nowadays and put on a show for our friends that we’re excited about. ​When we were conceiving the idea for our first LoftOpera production, we started with the question “What kind of show do we actually want to see?” The answer was obvious. We want to see music in odd places, underground venues, lofts and warehouses. We want to see a show with a beer in our hand, sitting or standing next to a friend or a date.

The way opera has normally been done is more and more unsustainable. Most opera experiences are so expensive that the tickets we can afford don’t make for a very enjoyable show. Not to mention the obsession with who’s there, what the person sitting next to you is wearing, and how much it cost.

We’re changing all that by reclaiming opera in our own culture, while still putting the artform and the artistic integrity at the center. We’re making opera affordable; we’re making it immersive, and interesting; we’re making music in places new to opera and familiar to the audiences that opera needs; all while hiring the artists who are going to carry the genre into the future.

To sum it all up, we’re making opera for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, rich, broke, an opera newbie or an opera queen. You don’t need to break the bank for a front row seat, and you don’t need to know any arias to enjoy the show.

Welcome to the family.

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