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Confidential Opera Project

Confidential Opera Project

The Confidential Opera Project aims to provide unbridled opportunities to opera performers around the world.

We choose an opera.

We cast the show with the best performers possible regardless of age, race, body type or gender, both Equity and non-Equity together.

We get them their scripts and scores and ask them to familiarize themselves with their role(s).

We ask them not to reveal the title of the show or their role in it to anyone.

With NO rehearsals, we all meet for the first time on the night of the performance and start the show.

The challenge for the performers: create an ensemble on their feet in front of an audience.

The audience shows up without knowing what show they’re going to see, knowing that it could be a train wreck…but hopefully not.

The only rule: We don’t stop – no matter what happens.

Can you keep a secret?

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