Ron Howard to direct new Pavarotti documentary

Ron Howard to direct new Pavarotti documentary

Jenna Simeonov

Exciting, news, readers! Apparently Ron Howard is set to direct a new documentary about the life of our main man, Luciano Pavarotti.

The documentary will include interview footage, clips of him singing, and Howard and his team will have full access to the Pavarotti family archives. “He has been vastly documented and recorded,” says Howard, “enough that even though he’s not with us, we’re going to be able to allow Pavarotti to tell his own story.”

No news yet about a release date, but the prospect of a new film about Pavarotti (be it respectfully done documentary or otherwise) has us pondering the important questions: who would play a Pav?

John Goodman? Maybe, but he doesn’t really have that Italian flair. Jack Black could sort of pass, in a weird way, if he could manage to tone done his hyper demeanour. We can kind of see Christian Bale playing Pav - not because he looks or acts like him, but because he’d relish the chance to method-act his way to obesity, mirroring the scary amount of weight he lost when he made The Machinist.

Weirdly, if we’re just going for someone to play young Pavarotti, Dan Levy may just be the man for the job.

Dan Levy. Photo via

Anyway. We’re excited about the news.

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