opera on reddit: did you know about it?

opera on reddit: did you know about it?

Jenna Simeonov

For those who know what Reddit is: there’s an opera subreddit!

For those who don’t: www.reddit.com is a website where all the content has been submitted by users in the form of links. The links can be to anything. ANYTHING. News stories, movie trailers, interesting factoids, scary stories, real-time Q&A sessions with interesting people, grumpy cats, yelling goats, and weird photos and videos that are incredible/hilarious/terrifying/adorable.

All the content falls into categories, called subreddits. There are approximately 250,000 active subreddits on the site today, including one about opera, at www.reddit.com/r/opera. Relative to many of the more popular subreddits, it’s small but mighty: but it’s full of eager opera fans. From what I can tell, it’s mostly populated with people who don’t work in the industry, which is fantastic. They’re in it for the music. They ask for advice on which opera to catch while traveling to Vienna, they share links to their favourite arias (with an approximately 1 in 3 chance that the link will feature something Andrea Bocelli-like or someone’s version of “Song to the Moon”). Here’s a sample of what’s up there right now:

I think it could be a powerful tool for today’s generation in the opera industry. It could change how we hear about audition opportunities, how we stay in the loop with productions going on worldwide, and most importantly, how we meet each other. It could be like YAP Tracker with a support system.

Have you perused r/opera? Tell us why you liked it or didn’t in the comments below!


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