Nathan Shubert makes the most of Official Piano Day

Nathan Shubert makes the most of Official Piano Day

Jenna Simeonov

Well, we missed Piano Day 2016 by a nose, but we can still celebrate. March 28th (or, the 88th day of the year, for the savvy) has been officially deemed Offical Piano Day by pianist, composer and producer Nils Frahm, and the day has become a prime choice for composers and songwriters to release their piano-based work.

Nathan Shubert, Vancouver-based pianist, session artist, and composer, is one of these artists. He has released his debut solo album, which includes “Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö”, named after the protagonist of the Swedish/Danish television show, Bron (The Bridge). It’s mesmerizing and more than a little bit beautiful - have a listen, and be sure to check out more from Shubert on Soundcloud.

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