Mildly amusing: the Wiki Opera Game

Mildly amusing: the Wiki Opera Game

Jenna Simeonov

Do you like opera? How about silly games?

Well, how about the opera version of the Wikipedia Game*? The premise is simple: go to the Wikipedia home page, and on the left hand side, click on “random article.” Starting from this random page, the goal is to get to the Wiki article on “Opera” in as few clicks as possible, using only the hyperlinked words within each page along the way.

We played a few test rounds to show you what we mean. Our first “random article” was “Golden Griddle”, the chain of restaurants scattered across Canada and the United States. We got to opera in just 5 clicks, with the following sequence:

Golden Griddle > United States > American music > Aaron Copland > Libretti > Opera!

In a slightly more unsettling round, we landed first on “Eupithecia dimidia,” a species of moth found in Armenia. From there, it went:

Eupithecia dimidia > Moth > Bats > Saracens > Moors > Othello > Otello > Opera!

Surprisingly, our record so far is 3 clicks, starting with the article entitled, “List of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch characters”:

List of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch characters > Prague > Don Giovanni > Opera!

It’s silly, for sure. But really, everybody likes new ways to procrastinate.

*The “opera version” is based on a more lewd form of the Wikipedia Game, where the goal is to reach the article entitled “Penis,” in as few clicks as possible.

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