In Toronto: David Lang's The Whisper Opera Peter Serling

In Toronto: David Lang's The Whisper Opera

Jenna Simeonov

Soundstreams welcomes the Canadian premiere of David Lang's The Whisper Opera at The Theatre Centre from February 26-March 1st. Performing the work are soprano Tony Arnold and New York's International Contemporary Ensemble, also giving their Canadian debuts.

The Whisper Opera grew out of the question, "What if a piece were so quiet and intimate and so personal to the performers that you needed to be right next to them or you would hear almost nothing?" Good question. American composer David Lang (winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for the little match girl passion) takes it seriously, stating in his score that the piece can not be recorded or amplified. The libretto is a compilation of search-engine auto-fills to questions that begin, "When I think of you, I think of..." and "When I am alone, I always...".

As for the performers, "anything sung by soprano Tony Arnold is worth hearing", and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) is "one of the most adventurous and accomplished groups in new music."

For full details and to purchase tickets, call 416-408-0208 or visit Soundstreams' website right here.

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