I just wanna do my nails

I just wanna do my nails

Jenna Simeonov

Pianists, am I right?

I’m speaking for the pianists who have a #justgirlythings side, the ones who like to look like a half-decent person on top of showing off their skills at the keys. There’s no shame in that, ladies (mostly, probably). I too have to make the decision between wearing Weitzman pumps and a) tripping on the way to the piano, and b) being able to use the damper pedal. In the case of my quasi-manicure, I just really want to have pretty nails.

I don’t wear polish that much. When I do, I get about 6 hours of of interrupted, objectively cute nails. After that point, I have to start sporting my chipped manicure ironically, like a backpacker who’s hasn’t done her nails for five countries and two showers.

I don’t think I’m particularly clumsy with my hands, and it’s easy to turn to my beloved piano for the blame. I swear, I could play Schubert’s Die Doppelgänger and still get a chip in my nail polish. Pianists who read this will think, I don’t know why you even try, you should know better than that. And you’re right. But I mean, how cute are these?

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