Gems: is your gender in sonata form? Image by Alexey Kljatov/Creative Commons.

Gems: is your gender in sonata form?

Jenna Simeonov

Readers, we’ve got a gem to share with you, and we’re not sure how you’re going to feel about it.

We found it on Tumblr, so feel free to stop taking any of it seriously right now. Tumblr user socialjusticeweg posted some fun ways of being the most unique-est, quirktastic-est, gender-mysterious-est person at school: a bunch of new gender identification labels, all falling under the umbrella of “Musigender” (defined as “A gender that is closely related to musicianship or music theory”).

Our satire antennae are up for this one, but regardless, it’s fascinating stuff. First, there are the low-high genders:

We have no idea, but there’s more. Next up, the legato-staccato, soft-loud genders:

“Genderpp”!! Not even “genderpianissimo”.

I was going to have fun picking all this stuff apart, but there’s really no good place to start. So, here’s another unexplainable screenshot:


Good to know we’ve got the real experts on the case, at least. Click here for the full post, and the baffled comments below.

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