Don't miss: Lieder, Leaders, and Lovers

Don't miss: Lieder, Leaders, and Lovers

Collin Shay

“Why is it that you sing?”

This Sunday, February 26 at the Drayton Arms Theatre, Virtually Opera hopes to explore that question. At the Drayton Arms Theatre, they will present Lieder, Leaders, and Lovers, a recital with a slightly meta theme: a singer’s inspiration to stand onstage and make music.

Sunday’s program will feature a broad range of music from from Tchaikovsky to Madeleine Dring, and it’s not often one is treated to traditional Maori hunting music in the same setting as songs by Kurt Weill.

Leo Doulton, who organizes the event, recognizes that unconventional nature of this program. “Absolutely, Kurt Weill almost certainly never heard Maori music, but that doesn’t matter - they’re both dead.”

Lieder, Leaders, and Lovers starts Sunday, February 26 at 8pm at The Drayton Arms Theatre. Tickets are £10 general admission, £5 concessions and are available here. For more details, check out Virtually Opera’s Facebook page.


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