Cool concerts: MELD

Cool concerts: MELD

Jenna Simeonov

The Times called it “an avant-garde happening that left one speechless with its epic zaniness,” and now viewers around the world can see for themselves the curiosity that’s inherent in MELD. Captured by The Space, the filmed concert is the brianchild of composer Benedict Mason and director of photography Andreas Schimanski. MELD was commissioned for the 2014 BBC Proms, and was performed in London’s Royal Albert Hall with the Aurora Orchestra and Chantage choir. The piece is part of Mason’s “Music for Concert Halls” series, and MELD explores a novel use of traditional spaces and the integration of the audience into the performance itself.

With multiple cameras placed around Royal Albert Hall, The Space has captured a concert experience where “the end result places the audience at the heart of the experience, giving a vivid sense of the movements and interactions of the musicians and singers with the space.”

In a word, it’s mesmerising. And we certainly wish we were there!

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