Charlotte Church the latest voice in music's Trump boycott

Charlotte Church the latest voice in music's Trump boycott

Greg Finney

The original Jackie Evancho has spoken out, and guess what? I think I’ve come around completely on my opinion of her.

Charlotte Church rose to fame as being the “next Sarah Brightman” at the tender age of way-too-young-to-sing-that-rep. That being said, I have to admit that I always did like her voice. I just wanted it to be taken care of as it matured.

And matured she has.

Now, well-known as a major ally to LGBTQ+ community, Ms. Church has clapped-back quite publicly at “He who shall not be named”. (#NotVoldemort #YesIPronounceTheT)

Yesterday at 5:28AM, this beauty of a tweet came out:

I came across it on Gay Times as I was catching up on my blogosphere offerings - and it totally lifted my spirits on a day when Toronto was being coated in a sticky, white, rain-mixed-with-snow precipitation from the 6th circle of hell.

Speaking of the various circles of hell, Drumpf, is having a really hard time finding people who want to celebrate his win as President of the Divided States of America; the list of people refusing to perform is growing longer… and longer… and longer… With the event a mere 9 days away, so far we have: Jackie Evancho singing, the Rockettes performing on a “voluntary basis”, and a college marching band - that’s it. quotes Trump’s Russian-born Director of Communications for the Inaugural Committe Boris Epshteyn as saying “This is not Woodstock. It’s not Summer Jam. It’s not a concert.”

Uhhh… ‘sour grapes’ much? We know it’s not Woodstock - people wanted to perform there; and I have to say that I’m surprised he knows about Summer Jam, considering what it is - its past rosters boast a who’s-who of huge hip hop names. Mr. Beyoncé Knowles even headlined a couple of years.

So as it stands now, after HRH Meryl Streep called him out without even saying his name once at the Golden Globes, the amount of the Hollywood and celebrity elite who shun this political nightmare keeps growing and growing. The short list of people who’ve refused to perform at the inauguration is unreal (and I’m sure there are even more):

  • Céline Dion
  • David Foster
  • Katy Perry
  • KISS - invited to attend and declined
  • Garth Brooks
  • and of course my favourite on this list...Sir Elton John.

That’s right… after this divisive and vitriolic campaign and the horrible treatment of minorities and the LGBTQ+ community (and the ensuing violent attacks carried out in Trump’s name and in the name of his victory) they actually asked Elton John to perform.

I would like to personally extend an invitation to Ms. Church to join me on #ChurchStreet in Toronto next summer during Pride (or next week if she’s available). Shots are on me.

P.S. Not that it’s important or means anything about her skill or talent, but can we just take a moment to take in how amazing she looks? #StoneColdFox #ComeThroughMama

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