Big news, had to share Clockwise from top left: Lucia Cesaroni; Reilly Nelson; Aria Umezawa; Aviva Fortunata; Jenna Simeonov; Robert Tweten; Cecilia Livingston; Phillip Addis.

Big news, had to share

Jenna Simeonov

Readers! I have some news to share!

The short version: I’ve got a new gig. I’m joining Stratagem Artists Management as Associate Artist Manager. Stratagem is a boutique agency, based in New York and founded by Justin Werner, and they’ve kicked off an expansion into the Canadian operatic scene. I’m excited!

The more complete version: When I started coaching and playing for opera singers, it was to support their amazing work. When I started Schmopera, it was to make sure that their stories got told - the great ones and the less-than-awesome ones, too - and told with the proper amount of awe and enthusiasm for their rockstar ways.

It might sound trite, but when I decided to take the job with Stratagem, it was for the same reasons as all the other stuff: I want to vouch for singers and make sure as many people as possible know how amazing they are.

Of course, it’s not a simple decision. The work is new and a bit daunting, and I’ve arguably come into this new gig in a bizarre, brutal time for the performing arts. But I’m energized by it, listening to these roster artists and their audition recordings, poring over the details of their resumes, sprucing up their biographies, and - most importantly - pairing them with precious work opportunities.

In case you’re curious, I’ll keep writing. No, I won’t write reviews of my clients’ performances, nor will I try and get away with any similar sort of glaring conflict of interest. I know it’s not really common for someone to do the jobs of management and criticism at the same time, but being a rare breed is alright with me.

Oh! And before I forget to do the obvious: you should meet the new Canadian crew! New to the Stratagem roster are:

There you have it! The first step in a new venture for me, and a bit of optimistic news for you, readers.

I’m clearly biased, but you should also head over to Stratagem’s new website and give these artists a look and listen.



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