Beating the heat with Weill

Beating the heat with Weill

Jenna Simeonov

If you’re currently in Toronto, you know the heat is pretty awful indeed. So, the train of thought went thus: ugh, it’s hot…“Ain’t it awful, the heat?”…Man, Street Scene is so great. Why don’t people do it more?…Ice Cream Sextet!

Here’s a clip from A Salute to American Music: A Richard Tucker Foundation Gala, 1992. Jerry Hadley is the Italiam immigrant ice-cream lover, Lippo Fiorentino, singing the Ice Cream Sextet from Kurt Weill’s Street Scene. Hadley sings with Maureen O’Flynn, Phyllis Pancella, Paul Groves, Daniel Smith & Jeff Mattsey.

Stay cool, readers!

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