Aria guides: [insert Christmas carol here]

Aria guides: [insert Christmas carol here]

Jenna Simeonov
Readers, you’ve taken a liking to our series of Aria Guides, which offer tips to complement the work you do on repertoire with your teachers and coaches. Our latest guide is less about operatic arias, and more about that other powerful genre, the Christmas Carol. Our short and sweet list of caroling tips is for all holiday singers, professional and otherwise. So pick your favourite Christmas tune, and don’t forget the joy!
  1. Whether your voice sounds like angels on high, or like cats in heat, all a Christmas carol really needs is joy. Breathe deeply, breathe often, and don’t be afraid of those high notes. Keep a festive beverage within arm’s reach to fend off any shyness that may creep in, and affect your joyous tone.

  2. Sing your heart out.

  3. Repeat until New Year’s Day, and then please stop entirely.

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